Finding Somewhere To Live In Dublin Has Just Gotten A Lot Easier With This New Site

By Darragh Berry

November 15, 2018 at 4:33pm


RooMigo may have just answered your prayers.

It's a property rental platform where people find compatible housemates based on shared interests and lifestyle choices.

If you are renting out a spare room, instead of having to read through endless emails trying to find the perfect housemate, people can browse through profiles on RooMigo and connect with the right people.

Housemates create profiles on RooMigo which includes their photo and a short bio. They select their most important lifestyle choices – such as a mix of hobbies, interests and the way they like to live in a house-share situation.

Members connect based on these lifestyle choices to find a room, find a roommate, or find someone to team-up with in their search.

Founder Ed Burke told Lovin Media Group that:

"It is a free to use platform, where people can browse through profiles and connect with people based on lifestyle choices and interests - rather than having to sift through endless (Faceless) emails trying to find a good housemate. We just launched this summer.

“The housing crisis is causing more people to live in shared accommodation. The people with whom we share a home are just as, if not more, important than the property itself.

"With close to 5,000 engaged members since our beta launch in mid-June, we have had an incredibly positive response to our product."

RooMigo also runs free housemate meetup events to help people meet friends and potential housemates.

The company is currently raising investment in order to grow its team and expand internationally but you're going to be hearing a lot more about it for sure.

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