Some Human With No Soul Threw Chorizo Stuffed With Rat Poison Into This Dublin Dog's Garden

What sort of person does this?


When Lydia O'Byrne went out to check on her dog Freddie, and found him eating something, she naturally went to inspect what it was.

She didn't expect it to be a piece of chorizo hollowed out and stuffed with rat poison, which someone had thrown into her garden.

"I just happened to be going to the back door to call Freddie in, when I saw him eating something," she said on Facebook. "A piece of the sausage had landed on the patio table. Only for that, I wouldn't have know what he had eaten."


She added that the vet in the UCD Veterinary Hospital said it was a lucky escape:

"Rat poison would have resulted internal bleeding which could have shut down Freddie's organs.

"The vet confirmed that the piece that Freddie had ingested was enough to give him a pretty grim outlook. We were so lucky that we twigged it after he ate just one piece!"


Thankfully Freddie is making a good recovery, but Lydia – who runs the blog – has warned residents in the Dundrum and Goatstown area to be vigilant, and to come forward to gardaí if they know who's behind this.

We're really not sure what sort of excuse for a person would do something like this. But the sooner they're caught, the better.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan