The Number Of People Sleeping Rough In Dublin Rose By 50% In The Past Year

This is just not good enough

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The number of people sleeping on the streets of Dublin has doubled in the last year, according to new figures.

Shocking statistics from the Dublin Region Homeless Executive showed that 140 individuals were found to be sleeping on the streets and in doorways during a recent survey.

However, Fr Peter McVerry told The Irish Times that this was a vast underestimation of the amount of homeless people living in Dublin and amounted to “only about half the real number of people sleeping rough each night”.

He added that seven adults were becoming homeless in Dublin every week and called for the situation to be more closely monitored.

During one week in October, it was found that there were 2,065 children, 1,421 parents and 1,660 single adults living in emergency accommodation in Dublin.

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