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30th Dec 2017

There Have Been Major Developments In The DART Underground Story

Darragh Berry

A plan to build a new office block near Pearse Street has been blocked by Dublin council for the fact that it might put the final nail in the coffin of the €4.5bn DART Underground project.

As reported earlier this year, the origianl plan was to demolish a warehouse on Sandwith Street and replace it with the seven-storey office block

According to, the site where the office blocks were meant to be built are a prime location for the DART Underground which was previously put to the side but has since been resurrected after Transport Minister Shane Ross said the project was still “alive”.

Irish rail previously said that the office block would occupy “neccessary lands” for transport projects in a submission to Dublin City Council. 

They also said that the site is an “extremely critical hub” for the Dart underground as the location would become a linking tunnel for all rail, DART and Luas services in Dublin.

Will we see a happy ending to this story?

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