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06th Sep 2020

WATCH: Air Corps share dramatic footage from inside yesterday’s flypast over Dublin

James Fenton

The Irish Air Corps have released behind-the-scenes footage from yesterday’s flyover which took place to mark National Services Day.

In the absence of a parade this year, a number of events took place yesterday as Ireland thanked those working in frontline services around the country. At 3pm, church bells rang, car horns beeped and above Dublin, the Irish Air Corps performed a flyover to mark the occasion.

If you were out and about or had your nose pressed against the window, you probably saw the flyover take place live but for those that didn’t catch it, the Air Corps has treated us to some behind the scenes footage. The clip shows the pilots involved setting up for the performance and it’s a good insight into the kind of preparation that goes into something like this.

You get to see the inside of some of the choppers and some decent views over Dublin as well. Have a look at the footage for yourself below…

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