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29th Jun 2021

Relive your Leaving Cert Holiday with these bucket cocktails!

Fiona Frawley

Ah, the leaving cert holiday. The most freeing time in a young Irish persons life.

Exams are over, questionable accommodation is booked and you and your best friends are off to fall asleep in the sun after day drinking and end up with a farmers tan to rival your uncle Martin’s.

If you’re anything like me and the thousands of other basic B’s who headed off to Magaluf/Crete/Ayia Napa/beyond, fish bowls will have been a huge part of your LC holiday experience. And now you can relive that fantasy at Happy Endings on the quays, except with what is sure to be a far superior cocktail:

These are also giving us full moon party in Thailand vibes, minus the UV paint. Basically, you can relive every holiday you ever went on in your late teens/early twenties while chilling on an outdoor terrace in Dublin with a plate of delish loaded fries or unreal prawn & nduja toast (combo made in heaven).

The perfect beverage to bring the gals together and remember years gone by. We all love a bitta nostalgia.

Header image via Instagram/Happy Endings Dublin 

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Please drink responsibly.