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11 Top Tips To Boost Morale In The Office This Week

By mariemadden

July 31, 2017 at 10:32am


Winter is coming, the glorious feeling of leaving the office in sunshine is long gone and chances are that you've started contemplating any career that involves minimal contact with the public.

If you're struggling to get through the day, it's time to take action and we have a few tips to help boost that office-space morale...

1. Say Hello

It sounds so simple, but making the effort to come in and greet your colleagues can go a long way. Nobody needs you to burst into song (in fact, you’ll likely irritate the entire company if you do), but just a slight nod. No winking though. That’s just creepy.

2. Take some time to set up your day

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed when there are more projects than time set aside to complete them. Draw up a list of your tasks and allocate time for each. This is a simple tip that will really help you feel more in control (and reduce some of that stress that’s ebbing away at your mood). Don’t forget to schedule a tea break!

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3. ‘Thank You’

Two little words that have a huge impact. Don’t forget your manners – it can be the small touch of recognition a colleague needs before they lose all patience/ hope.

4. Delegate

You might like to think of yourself as the office martyr, but nobody likes the colleague who implodes and secretly comfort eats the entire biscuit tin. Ask for some help when you need it and make sure to return the favour - when you have some spare time, offer to take some paperwork off another worker in your team. They’ll be so grateful you might even get a free pint on the next work night out.

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5. Take interest in a colleague

Think enquiring after their weekend, rather than asking painful questions about their childhood. Barriers aren’t always a bad thing, but feeling like you’ve a friend in work is vital. Remember it’s their birthday? Go wild and wish them a good day. Unless it’s their first day and you’ve learned this from Facebook. Then you’ve got some pretty awkward questions to answer.

6.  Celebrate the ‘Little Wins’

Maybe the most difficult client in the world said ‘thank you' or you finally remembered the password that locked you out of the printer for the past six months. Take the wins where you can get them. Maybe get a 99’ with a flake to celebrate. Treat yo’self.

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7. Ask for suggestions

It could be about how to win over a client, or basic calculations in Excel. (Don’t judge – it took us years). The point is, you can’t know everything, and getting some help, feedback or suggestions on how to do the job right might just make your colleagues feel valued for their skillset. 

Just make sure to recognise them if their efforts win you some kudos with the boss.

8. Take real lunch breaks

Being hangry is a real state of emotion. We’re pretty much convinced a lot of historic battles could’ve been won with a decent club sandwich. Make sure to take a minute to step back from work and enjoy the food you're eating. 

If you're too busy to head out for lunch, why not order in something tasty and have a catch-up with your colleagues in the office kitchen?

9. Butter up your colleagues

Why not starting a baking spree in the office? Everyone loves a bit of cake, and now that Mary Berry is back reigning supreme, you can convince yourself it’s an anti-ageing mechanism. Have you seen her skin? If you don't fancy making that much effort, stop off for a bag of croissants on your way to work.

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10. Plan a team night out

Nothing says team bonding like sharing ridiculous stories about times that should never be mentioned again. Blow off some steam, have a few drinks… just make sure any extra-curricular activities don’t run into the next day. Nobody needs that kind of morale boost.

11. Try to leave on time

It probably won’t happen every day, especially with the end-of-quarter looming, but do try to make sure you enjoy at least one or two evenings at home. It’s called a work-life balance for a reason.


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