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20th Dec 2016

1916 REWIND: Volunteer Leader Reads ‘List Of Demands’ From GPO On Sackville Street


All this week we’re bringing the 1916 Rising to life as it happened with historical reports from the fateful week, day by day and hour by hour. For more reports, see 1916 Live.

12.15pm, Easter Monday

The drama in Dublin city centre continues – one of the leaders of the Vols has just stood outside the GPO and read out what eyewitnesses said is a list of demands.

There’s a lot of confusion but it appears the “demonstrations” are definitely taking on a more serious character.

There are now reports of large groups of armed men and women setting up barricades in businesses and public buildings around Sackville Street, The North Quays and The Green.

Here’s what eyewitnesses have been saying


This is starting to look seriously hairy. We’ll keep you posted.

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All this week, we’ll be bringing the 1916 Rising to life as it happened – and as it would have been reported in modern media – on the pages of Lovin Dublin. From the confusion of the early stages, to the evolving public attitudes throughout the week, we’re going back 100 years to explore what it was all like to be in Dublin City during that fateful Easter Week.

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