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08th Dec 2017

7 Reasons You Should Consider Leaving The City For New Year’s Eve


New Year’s is pretty much always a complete and utter disappointment.

Undoubtedly the most overhyped night of the year, there’s just no way poor old December 31 can live up to those soaring expectations.

Since the Smithwick’s 10° West will be taking place on Achill Island, offering you an alternative from your average NYE party, we thought we’d look at all the reasons why you should get out of the city this time around.

It’s not exactly memorable

You only going out in town because you always go out in town, merely going through the same old motions as every other year.

Not This Again

Everyplace is overcrowded

Squeezing through crowded rooms and waiting in gargantuan queues is no one’s idea of a good time.

Aint Nobody

You’ll have done the exact same thing on Stephen’s Night

Seeing all the same people and going to the exact same spots as just a few nights before will leave you with a serious dose of deja vu.


It’s expensive

As if Dublin isn’t pricy enough, all the the moving around from one spot to another inevitably hits your wallet hard.

Too Expensive

And it’s not worth it

We mightn’t necessarily mind spending all that money if it didn’t feel like such a complete waste.

Cartoon Wallet

You end up envying someone else’s plans

You curse yourself, thinking if only you’d listened to your best friend’s great New Year’s Eve plan, that would’ve been waaay better.

I Want To Go To There

As the clock strikes midnight, you’re left with the sinking feeling of “Is that it?”

And with it, the certain knowledge that you’ve wasted yet another New Year’s Eve in the Big Shmoke.

I Want More

Smithwick’s 10° West is sold out, but have no fear as we still have a few tickets up for grabs!

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram channels on December 13 and 20 to be in with a chance of winning tickets to experience Ireland’s last sunset of 2017.