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20th Aug 2018

We Tried Out The New Baby On Board Badges On Public Transport – Here’s What Happened


Knowing how to behave on public transport can be confusing at times.

Should we automatically attempt to give up our seats to older people, children or pregnant women? Many of us have had experiences where we’ve tried to give up our seats, but our fellow passenger didn’t actually want it. Other times we’ve surely been on journeys where our fellow passengers wanted our seat, but they felt awkward about asking for it.

Thankfully, Transport For Ireland has now implemented a system whereby pregnant women can put on ‘Baby On Board’ badges that will allow them to signal to all concerned that they would like to sit down, so you know that an offer to give up your seat will be very much appreciated.

These badges can be used across any form of public transport in Ireland — including the Luas, Iarnrod Eireann, Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann — as a discreet way of highlighting that a mother-to-be may be in greater need of a seat than one of her fellow passengers.

Baby On Board

Just to be clear, these badges do not oblige passengers to give up their seats, they merely alert passengers that the badge-wearer would like a seat. After that, it’s up to seated passengers to decide whether or not they are willing to relinquish their place.

The whole point of this system is to help passengers avoid any confusion and to create a more comfortable public transport experience for the expectant mammies of Ireland. And I think we can all get on board with that.

Know anyone who could use one of these Baby On Board badges? Discover the list of badge collection locations HERE.

We teamed up with Transport for Ireland to test the Baby On Board badges out… Here’s what happened.