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07th Jun 2018

BBQ Checklist – Here’s Everything You Need to Host the Perfect Get Together This Weekend

Megan Cassidy

It’s summer time and the weekend is upon us, so we’ve got just one thing on our mind: throwing a big ol’ BBQ. 

It’s the ultimate way to celebrate the summer (and what a summer so far in fairness) – so cancel those dinner reservations, send around a text, and roll those sleeves up – it’s grill time. 

We’ve teamed up with Centra to compile a checklist that will ensure your BBQ game is strong this weekend, and will set the standard sky high for your mates’ next attempt. 

1. Look out for budget BBQ buys 

Juicy burgers don’t have to equal empty wallets. Make sure you keep an eye on all the best special offers in Centra so that those sneaky costs don’t rise. 

At the moment they have a great 3 for €10 on BBQ Meats, Brioche Burger Buns and half price sirloin steaks – basically the main ingredients for a smashing BBQ. 

Brioche Buns

2. Don’t be caught on the hop 

Whether you use a gas grill or charcoal – make sure and check your BBQ is ready for action. Check you’re all stocked up with coals and lighter fuel, or that gas levels are good to go. It may sound basic, but forgetting could mean you’ll be ordering takeaway. 

3. Ice, Ice, Baby 

Ice is essential and so easy to forget. We recommend forgetting about the ice trays and just grabbing two or three big bags of ice. You’ll use it to keep the bottles cold, in the coolers, and in your guest’s drinks. Ice never goes to waste! 

4. Get Crafty 

Craft beer is having a moment, with more and more people looking to try something new and interesting. Centra has some whopper deals on craft beers from all over the world at the moment – like 4 bottles for €10.

Tip* – Having trouble choosing? Centra’s beer of the month is Blacks Brewery Marching Powder, so that will help you take the fuss out of wondering which brew you should try

Craft Beer Of The Month

5. Keep a spray bottle of water nearby 

Handy if things get a little too hot in the kitchen. Quench a little flame outburst quickly with a spray bottle nearby. 

6. Tin Foil is Your Friend 

Another multi-functional BBQ essential here. Cover your cooked meats in tin foil for ten minutes before serving to make your meaty fare extra juicy – or wrap your veggies in a tin foil parcel with oils and marinades and throw them straight on the grill for a perfect tasty finish. 

Foil Veggies

7. Don’t forget the bottle opener! 

Attach it to the cooler so it doesn’t go walkies when you need it most. 

8. Worry-free wine 

Agonising over which wine to choose is a poor use of precious prep time. Take a note from Centra’s Wines We Love range – a selection of ten wines hand-picked by Centra’s expert wine team. Why not try Sendas Del Rey Airen for just €8. You can’t go wrong with that.

Sendas Del Rey Air C?n 75Cl

9. Storage containers for leftovers 

Let’s assume you’ve now completely nailed your BBQ – your guests are going to want to take some of those delish leftovers off your hands. Have some old takeaway cartons on standby so that everyone gets a little doggy bag going home, and you’re ensuring there’s less waste, too. Win win. 

10. A BIG umbrella

Look, this is Ireland, so rain is pretty much liable to strike at any time. But we can’t let bad weather forecasts dictate our lives! 

Throw yourself a delicious little BBQ this weekend and, if the heavens should open up, be sure you’ve got a mahoosive brolly on hand so the party can keep on goin’.

Make sure to pop into your local Centra store to check out all the options available. Enjoy!