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Always Order Medium Rare? Here's Why You Shouldn’t

By seank

July 13, 2017 at 4:41pm


If you're a burger fan, there's a chance you've been ordering them all wrong — but thankfully a new Instagram burger bot is gonna remind you to play it safe.

The next time you post a pic of a juicy hunk of meat on Instagram from a burger joint, you will get a message from @burger_fever with a helpful little reminder about food safety.

The burger bot is part of safefood's new campaign ‘Burger Fever’ which aims to educate the public on why their burgers need to be cooked well done, despite the growing popularity of doing the exact opposite.

Safefoods 1
Safefoods 2

The problem is that E.coli exists in all cattle and most strains are harmless, however, one particular strand known as VTEC can cause serious illness — and undercooked minced meat drastically increases the risk of food poisoning.  

VTEC causes severe diarrhoea, with about 1 in 10 people developing severe complications which can affect both their blood and kidneys. 

However, avoiding that risk is simple — just make sure your burger is cooked well done. That's it.

So listen to @burger_fever folks and just don't risk it.


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