This Celebrity Is Warning Dubliners About One Of Our Favourite Foods

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Everyone's favourite hardy buck and all-around shnake The Viper took to the streets this week to delve deep into the undercooked burger culture and ask the people of this great city the hard questions — how do like yours cooked?

The Viper's investigation is part of safefood’s new campaign ‘Burger Fever’, which aims to inform the public about the serious dangers of eating undercooked burgers.

Unlike steaks where the bacteria lives only on the outside and killed during cooking. 

Mincing beef means the bacteria is spread to the inside as well as the outside of the patty. To kill all the bacteria, it needs to be cooked well done.

So do yourself a favour, whether you’re ordering out or eating in, take it from the Viper and cook that baby well, cook it well.

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