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06th Dec 2017

Every Sweet In A Box Of Celebrations — Ranked In Order Of How Quickly They Disappear


Christmas is a time to be with those dearest to us, to exchange thoughtful gifts, and to wade through tidal waves of chocolate.

Lounging around your home and passing around tins of sweets is all part of the ritual and every year, without fail, the same treats always seem to disappear first.

For you see, there are unwritten rules to the order in which you consume these chocolatey goodies.

Since the folks behind Celebrations are launching their new personalised bottle of sweets this Christmas — you can get a loved one’s name printed on the label in selected Dunnes Stores on December 9 and 16 — we thought we’d scientifically examine all the sweets you can find in a tin of Celebrations to determine the correct order in which to consume them.

From slowest to fastest, here are the Celebrations ranked in terms of how quickly they’re eaten…

8. Bounty

The coconutty offering is more of an acquired taste and so they disappear a little slower than its chocolate peers. Crafty Bounty fans tend to pick off the other sweets first, safe in the knowledge that these bad boys will still be waiting patiently for them at the end of the box.

7. Mars

Often overlooked, when you’ve decimated your tin’s chocolate population there’s usually still a crowd of Mars Bars waiting to be discovered. In the end you will eat them, and you’ll inevitably fall in love with their simplicity all over again.

6. Snickers

It’s essentially just a Mars Bar with peanuts and is therefore one step up from them.

5. Twix

Combining everything you love about chocolate bars and biscuits, the Twix is perhaps the Celebration most worthy of being accompanied by a lovely cup of tea.

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4. Milky Way

With its super soft, fluffy inside, you can’t help but toy with a Milky Way before ultimately delivering the coup de grâce.

3. Galaxy

If you haven’t eaten Galaxy Celebration after Galaxy Celebration at 9am on morning of December 25, have you even celebrated Christmas?

2. Galaxy Caramel

Proof of the age-old adage that there is nothing that can’t be improved by the addition of caramel.


1. Maltesers Teaser

The true MVPs of the Celebrations world, if you blink you might miss these guys. There’s always one diabolical person in the house who selfishly eats all the Teasers by themselves — leaving you wishing that you’d done it instead.

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