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01st Apr 2020

Here’s a quick pilates routine to do when taking a break from your desk

Brian Dillon

Caoimhe O'Dwyer showing us how to do a quick pilates routine

Although many of us are working from home, we still need to leave our desk/workspace to clear the mind and stretch out the body. This quick pilates routine is great for that!

We’re teaming up with VITHIT to bring our lovely Lovin audience a series of home workouts that are great for the mind, body and soul.

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Well-known pilates instructor Caoimhe O’Dwyer shows us a quick five-minute pilates routine that is ideal for a quick break away from the desk to recharge and regroup.

Sit on your mat and roll yourself down, with your feet placed flat on the mat, hands beside your body and head rested on the floor.

Caoimhe O'Dwyer starting her quick pilates routine

Place your feet roughly underneath the knees. As you exhale, peel your spine off the mat. Drop slowly as you inhale. Repeat this movement a few times.

Caoimhe O'Dwyer's quick pilates routine

Bring your legs straight forward with your toes pointed and put your arms above your head for a full-body stretch.

Then, roll onto your side, rest your head in your palm and bend your knees. To make a circle, Bring the arm around to the front, around to the head, switching the palm of your moving hand up to the ceiling, and complete the circle behind you. Allow your neck to freely move along with your hand. Repeat this three more times.

quick pilates routine by Caoimhe O'Dwyer

Next, you’re going to sit up and cross your legs. Walk your right hand out to the side and bring your left arm up and over your head, bending the right elbow and looking to the right. Then, repeat on the opposite side.

Lying down on the opposite side to before, repeat the previous circle movement with your other hand. Again, allow your neck and ribs to move freely, but keep your hips in place. Allow your palm to come down onto the floor if you can. Repeat this a few times.

Push yourself up and come onto all fours to work on the spine. Tuck the tailbone underneath, making the back arch as your chin nears to your chest. Then, untuck the tailbone and allow the stomach to fall to the floor. Look straight ahead to allow your chest to open. Go for two more of these.

Let yourself fall back onto your heels and walk your hands out to the front of the mat, allowing your head to slowly drop to the floor. Hold this position for a couple of breaths.

To finish, rock from side to side to allow the hips to open and the back muscles to release. Clasp your hands together and bring them behind your head.

Release and walk your hands back towards your body to sit up. There you have it. You’re reset and ready to tackle the rest of the day. And it only took five minutes!

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