JFK's Dáil Speech From 1963 Works Strangely Well In This New Ad For Wind Power

This works so well

"Jaysus, it's fierce windy out there..."

Given that we could count this saying among our national cathphrases, it's pretty damn hard to believe that we import some 85% of our energy needs from overseas – both as fossil fuels and direct electricity transfers from the UK.

Exposed as we are to the wild Atlantic Ocean, it's a bit crazy that we're not truly harnessing the power of the elements. But we've partnered with the Irish Wind Energy Association to bring you this powerful video message, in the hope that this will soon start to change.

JFK might not have been talking about wind energy when he spoke to the Dáil in 1963, just months before his assassination. But his words ring true more than half a century later, in that strange way the words of visionaries so often do.

Take a look, and let us know what you think.