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20th Dec 2016

Lianne La Havas Shows The Importance of Nurturing Talent In This Guinness Film


You’ve probably already seen the Guinness ad with John Hammond.

And you’ve hopefully seen both Rudimental and Lady Leshurr give their take on John Hammond’s impact on their personal journey, in the Guinness short film series.

The pioneering talent scout described himself as “the sometimes intolerant champion of tolerance” – and this series of short films featuring contemporary artists, shows us just how fresh his legacy remains, several decades on.

Lianne 2

Given that Lianne La Havas boasts one of the finest voices of her generation, it’s no surprise that she featured in the original Guinness ad ‘John Hammond – Intolerant Champion’ – and similarly, it’s absolutely no surprise that she’s in a perfect position to talk about the importance of nurturing talent.

As she says herself:

“Behind every great act there’s someone who has helped them and inspired them when searching for their voice. For many great artists it was John Hammond.”

As it happens, we’re MASSIVE fans of Lianne La Havas here in LD – in fact, this particular writer immediately booked flights to Edinburgh to see her live upon hearing her breakthrough single ‘Age’.

Cracking talent, cracking video.