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06th Oct 2017

Lotto Bucket List: 18 Things We’d Do If We Won The €190 Million Jackpot This Weekend


Oh, how we long to win the lottery.

Since the EuroMillions jackpot is set to be a staggering €190 million this weekend — which you can pick up a ticket for using — we’ve been thinking about all the wonderful things we could do with that cash to make our lives, and the lives of our nearest and dearest, a lot more interesting.

All that money seems like more than you’d know what to do with, but we’ve got a few ideas.

This is the dream…

1. Consider going back to university

You can afford any degree you like now, so study something that’s always fascinated you.

Book Lover

2. Make sound investments

You are eligible to be on Dragon’s Den now, after all.

Dragons Den

3. Throw the biggest party your neighbourhood has ever seen

Who says money can’t buy you love?

Great Gatsby Party

4. Go on a shopping spree to end all shopping sprees

Take every movie shopping montage you’ve ever seen and do your damnedest to top ’em.

Shopping Spree

5. Only pay for things by ‘making it rain’

Like so.

Making It Rain

6. Shower your family in expensive gifts

Looks like Christmas is coming early this year.

Who Wants Presents

7. Buy a HUGE house

You can’t win the lotto and not move yourself — or at least your parents — into a mansion. We’re already eyeing up Strawberry Hill in Dalkey, that’s currently going for a cool €5,750,000.

Straw 1

8. Turn it into your ideal playground

Once you’ve got your own personal castle, you need to properly fit it out: a swimming pool, sauna, outdoor jacuzzi, gym, tennis court, a recording studio, home cinema, a rooftop bar, a nightclub, and a butler. You know, the essentials.

Feck it, put a McDonald’s in there while you’re at it.

Richie Rich Mcdonalds

9. Get yourself a ridiculously OTT car

You’d certainly turn a few heads driving down Camden Street in a Lamborghini Veneno that costs more than €4 million.


10. Buy a yacht

Nothing says “I’M ABSOLUTELY LOADED” like having your own boat.

Wolf Of Wall Street Boat

11. Buy an island

No man is an island — but a rich man can buy one. We’d recommend North Saddle Caye as the isle of choice for a new millionaire, being four acres of paradise right off the coast of Belize.

At just under €6 million, it’s a real steal!

Private Island

12. Buy a round the world flight ticket

Stick a pin in the world’s most beautiful and exciting locations — the Maldives, Seychelles, Bali, New Zealand, Jamaica, Hawaii, Antarctica, the Amazon Rainforest, to name but a few — and start ticking them off ASAP.

Greece Traveller

13. Seek out the biggest thrills imaginable

Running with the bulls in Pamplona, base jumping in Kuala Lumpur, swimming with sharks in Costa Rica — you can do anything you want now, so go big!

Base Jumper

14. Form a pile of money and dive into it

You just know that every millionaire ever had to try this at least once.

Pile Of Money

15. Buy Bray Wanderers

Just cos you can.

Soccer Fan

16. Take up some rich person hobbies

Once you’ve packed in the dayjob you’ll need to find something to keep you occupied!

Horse riding, golf, sailing, polo, flying, fencing, rowing, skiing — these are all suitably cliché activities for new money.


17. Buy a racehorse

Horses and rich people go hand in hand, so get yourself a lovely pony and give it a hilarious name.

My Lovely Horse

18. Buy a flat in Dublin

At a paltry €850,000, this Sandymount penthouse shouldn’t make much of a dent in your winnings.

Sandymount Penthouse
Pent 2
Pent 3

Make sure to get involved at before tonight’s draw. You can’t win if you’re not in!