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22nd Aug 2019

Offbeat Just Opened A New Store And They’re Selling Ice Cream

Brian Dillon

Donut and ice cream lovers, I bring you some fierce good news. Because the guys and gals over at Offbeat have announced that they are now selling…. Wait for it… ice cream!

And it’s safe to say that we are fairly buzzed about it.

Last week, Offbeat opened a brand spanking new store on Westmoreland Street, and the brand new ice cream range will be sold exclusively here.

And lads, it looks good. Like, really good.

One of the delightful new additions to the menu in the Westmoreland Street store is the mouth-watering ice cream donut sandwich. Donuts and ice cream together? Ah now, you’re having me on.

The new store will also have loaded ice cream cones on the menu, which look almost too good to be real.

And as if that wasn’t enough for us lovers of all things delicious, there will also be Offbeat milkshakes on offer.

The brand new Westmoreland Street store is a welcome addition to the city since the donut brand is already super popular among Dubs. And for good reason…

Their premium range of donuts, including flavours like their Lemon Meringue, Raspberry Rhapsody and Honeycomb Crunchy are absolutely delightful.

Meanwhile, their classic flavours, such as their Sprinkles, Coffee Slice and Cinnamon Sugar are equally as divine.

offbeat donuts 1

offbeat premium donuts

And if Westmoreland Street is part of your daily commute, now you have somewhere to pop in for some quality coffee on your way to the office.

Off Beat coffee

With the opening of the new store and the addition of these incredible ice cream treats to the menu, it’s safe to say that it’s going to be difficult to not pop into Offbeat every time we walk down Westmoreland Street.

Annnnnnnd with their coffee combo, which includes a coffee and a donut for €4.50, it’s virtually impossible to resist.

To claim a FREE dozen glazed donuts with any purchase of two boxes of premium donuts, simply use the code GIVEMEGLAZED on their website. Gwan, you’d be the office hero.

If you’re a student, you can also enjoy a %10 discount in the store from September for the year.