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22nd Nov 2021

Remember the sweet and sour of days gone by with this spoken word

Lynda Keogh

Do you remember those long summer days spent on the beach as a child?

This spoken word by Dublin poet Dan Savage will bring you back to those long summer holidays as a child. The sweet memories of sunny days spent on the beach building sand-castles, but with the sweet comes the sour, usually in the form of an older sibling ready to tear down your latest creation!

Some of your best memories were probably enjoyed on these summer staycations, before staycationing was cool. The familiar and refreshing, sweet & sour taste of lemon and lime of Sprite brings back the memories of those memory-making summers of years gone by.

This video might refresh your memory:

Do you have clear memories of your favourite childhood staycations by the beach?

Learn more about Sprite here.

In life and in Sprite– Sweet comes with Sour