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20th Aug 2019

#SlainteToThat: The Moments You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Celebrating This Month

Brian Dillon

Life is full of those moments that make us want to say ‘cheers!’ And we want to make those moments even more special through this fairly UNREAL competition.

Whether it’s getting through rough days in work or reaching little goals and milestones, we should never feel bad about celebrating this glorious thing called life.

So, we’ve decided that we want to make these moments, big and small, really special. We’ve teamed up with drink producers of Ireland to help you do just that.

Using the hashtag #SlainteToThat (or filling out the below form!), we want to hear all about what you have in your ‘celebratory pipeline’. No matter how small you think it is, we want to know all about it. And you never know, we might help you make it a memorable moment.

From takeaway vouchers to attraction tickets to photoshoots, we want to make your special moments even more special.

There is always something to celebrate, but if you’re in need of some inspiration, here are a few ideas…

1. You got to the end of a long week in work

Whether you work that 9-5 life or your shifts are ever-changing, the week can be fairly long all the same. And getting to the end of a tough week can be an achievement worth celebrating in itself.

after work drinks

2. You and your significant other are catching up on your favourite TV series

There is something really special about two people following the same TV series together. There is the unwritten rule of not being able to watch without one another, so when you eventually get to sit down together and enjoy that binge-worthy television, it really is a special moment worth recognising.

couple watching TV

3. You’ve bought your first home and are planning a moving-in day

Owning and moving into your first home is a pretty big milestone, and one of the most exciting moments about it is moving day. Are you planning on grabbing a few mates to help you move into your new place? Well, maybe we’ll treat you all to a takeaway and some drinks at the end of the day.

friends moving house

4. You and your workmates have come to the end of a big project

Feeling accomplished after you and your team in work have finally reached the end of a major (or minor) project? Of course you are. So that deserves to be recognised!

work team project

5. You’re planning to propose to your partner

It’s no secret that popping the question is probably one of the biggest moments in any person’s life, so naturally, you’re going to celebrate that. If you’re planning on getting down on one knee, we want to hear all about it.


6. You’re catching up with friends you haven’t seen in AGES

It’s safe to say that life is fairly mental in 2019. So when you and your pals are all finally free at the same time and you get to meet up for dinner or maybe a few drinks, it really is a special moment worth celebrating.

friends catching up in a bar

7. You got a babysitter and you and your partner have the house to yourself

Ah, peace and quiet: It doesn’t happen as often as we might like it to. So when it does, we want to soak up every moment. And you would probably appreciate if the moment was made even more special. That’s where we might just come in…

Couple night in

8. You’re simply celebrating the good weather with a picnic

In Ireland, sunny days can be few and far between. So we know how to make the most of the good weather when we get it. So, maybe you’re planning a cute little picnic and you want it made even more special when Mother Nature decides to treat us more favourably.

Picnic in the park

9. A family member has returned from abroad

Nowadays, most of us have done a stint abroad at some stage. And nothing feels better than the wonderfully warm welcome you get when you finally return to Ireland. Do you have a loved one returning home (or that you want to come home for a particular occasion)? Let us know!

two people hugging

10. You’re heading away on holidays

Do you have any trip coming up this year? Perhaps we could help you celebrate that by treating you to dinner before your flight.

Friends having drinks in the airport

11. You’re having the gals/guys around for a dinner party

Are you gathering the gang for a night in enjoying a few drinks and good food? Let us know how you think we could make it special.

Friends having a dinner party

Whatever your moment may be, we want to know what you’re celebrating and how you think we can make it better.

To do so, fill in the form below and tell us why we should help you mark the little and maybe not so little moments or use the #SlainteToThat on social media with your big (or little) event this month! Check out our social channels over the coming weeks for more chances to win.