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03rd Apr 2018

Spend 30 Days Boosting Your Sense Of Wellness With This FREE Plan


Committing yourself to making a massive change in your lifestyle in order to achieve a better sense of wellness is incredibly daunting — so don’t do it.

That’s right, don’t bother trying to make any major life changes because, ultimately, you’re just not going to stick to them. That kind of lifestyle change is too big to be sustainable and, more than likely, you’ll just return to your old habits in defeat.

But there is a better way to achieve wellness

It’s child’s play, really: take baby steps. Make incremental changes to your daily routines, directed towards more healthy habits in your eating, training and mindfulness, and you’re more likely to be successful in improving your wellness levels.

But where, oh where to begin?

That’s where WellGood comes in

WellGood is a new and completely free 30-day programme that will offer tips on how to increase your all-round wellness every single day. The plan has been designed by best-selling cookery author Roz Purcell, GAA star Philly McMahon and performance psychologist Gerry Hussey as experts in the fields of creating delicious healthy recipes, keeping fit and boosting motivation respectively.

WellGood includes fun challenges that help boost overall wellbeing, such as smiling at strangers or quick-fire mental fitness games, as well as tutorial videos and blogs teaching you useful mental and physical exercises and healthy recipes.

Wellgood Peeps

A collaboration between KBC and WellFest, the programme kicks off on April 3 for anyone who could do with a bit more wellness in their lives… which is pretty much everybody.

If you want to link up with the community taking part in the challenge, you can follow everyone’s journey by searching #WellGood on social media, as well as sharing your own recipe recreations, workouts or general experiences. Every participant who sticks with the 30-day programme will get €5 taken off the price of their ticket to WellFest and each week of the challenge two participants will be chosen at random to win a pair of tickets each to the wellness festival.

And speaking of joining the #WellGood community, our very own Sarah Clayton-Lea and Éadaoin Fitzmaurice will also be taking on the challenge, so stay tuned to our Instagram Stories to see how they get on. 

Here’s a taste of what to expect…

So do you wanna feel WellGood?

To start following the 30-day plan, click HERE