The best white wine to pair with your festive food this Christmas

By Lovin Dublin

December 15, 2022 at 10:57am


Brought to you by Lidl

Impress your guests over Christmas dinner with these all-occasion white wines from Lidl

Unsure which bottle of white to pick up for the festive season? Whether you’re looking for a sharp winter white or something lighter and brighter, Lidl’s low-cost, high-quality wine selection will have an appealing option to suit your menu, something that will make your budget stretch further this year for a Christmas without compromise.

A good place to start with white is usually with a Sauvignon Blanc. Christmas can be an unpredictable shuffle of guests through the door, and you can generally please most when you have a good bottle of Sauvignon chilling in the fridge.

For a light, dry, and highly appetising choice, you’ll find that Lidl’s Sauvignon BlancValdeLoire (12.5%) hits the spot at just €9.29. Meal-wise, this is the one for your Christmas dinner white, as it works really well with turkey and chicken.


In fact, it packs just enough fruit and acidity to complement a wide range of festive dishes and flavours without overpowering them. Pair it with starters like a prawn cocktail or melon and prosciutto. It will sing with the usual Christmas cheese board classics including cheddars and brie and camembert and even blue cheese.

Sauvignon BlancValdeLoire has been awarded 86 ‘Bampfield points’ from Lidl’s Master of Wine, Richard Bampfield. This is Lidl’s wine rating system with a scale that ranges from “good” to “very good” to “outstanding” and “classic.” The 86 score means it has been rated “very good.”

Within the same 86 ‘Bampfield points’ rating, you have Lidl’s Australian Premium Chardonnay (13%) 8.49. A Chardonnay is always a winner. With notes of spiced oak and melon, this has enough acidity to drink alongside lighter dishes like smoked salmon and brown bread and can stand up to stronger dishes like creamy pasta.

Most impressively, it will work wonders with your leftover turkey sandwiches, adding a bit of glam to midnight snacking.


For a Christmas without compromise head to your local Lidl & to the online Christmas brochure.