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13th Aug 2021

Transport yourself to Hawaii with this stunning take on a homemade Poke Bowl

Brian Dillon

Transport yourself to Hawaii with this stunning homemade Poke Bowl

This summer, it’s all about trying new things. And by that, we mean new dishes, of course! And it turns out, we can make really exciting, delicious and unexpected meals using the classics.

Growing up in Ireland, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that there was always a bottle of YR Sauce in the press. But with a whole range of sauces and relishes, there is so much to do with this beloved Irish creation that dates back to 1837!

With that in mind, we thought we would try some summer recipes to enjoy out the back garden. If you’re having your pals over, they will be SERIOUSLY impressed. So, let’s have a crack at a delicious Poke Bowl, shall we?

What you will need: Salmon, sesame, sriracha, soy sauce, pickled cucumber, avocado, boiled white rice, red cabbage, YR Balsamic Red Onion Relish, sesame seeds and spring onion.

How to make it: Well, that’s pretty simple. Simply mix your salmon, sesame, sriracha and soy sauce, add it into your bowl along with your other ingredients and boom, you have the ultimate summer bowl to serve to your friends while you have that long-overdue catch-up out the back garden. Check out the below video for full instructions.

Given that it’s an Irish brand that’s gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian-friendly brand with no artificial colours and preservatives (just top-quality, ethically sourced ingredients), we imagine the YR range with be the addition to many a BBQ, al fresco lunch and tasty moment this summer.

The YR range now includes their Original Tomato Relish, a rich and luxurious tomato relish, made with sun-ripened tomatoes, onions and sultanas, with a hint of date, tamarind and molasses.

Meanwhile, there’s YR Balsamic Red Onion Relish, a dark, mysterious sticky relish, sweet one moment then tangy the next, made from an ancient recipe with a modern twist! including chunks of red onion, dates, grape and molasses.

YR Habanero Spicy Relish, brimming with Mexican inspired passion and flair, is made from a generous combination of ripe, spicy habanero chilli, red pepper, onion, pineapple and a burst of sunshine.

And finally, YR Original Spicy Sauce is a traditional and reliable go-to sauce but it has also got a lot of modern oomph. Made with a combination of apples, tomatoes, onions, dates, vinegar and spices, it is known to go with a whole range of meals such as a classic fry up, breakfast burrito, BBQ foods and loads more.

To find out more, head here.