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29th May 2018

Interesting Food And Wine Pairings You Should Try At Home This Week

Megan Cassidy

You don’t need to be a sommelier to expertly pair your wine with your food, although it can sometimes feel a little intimidating. 

More and more restaurants are offering helpful advice about which wine to order with which dish in order to bring out the very best taste in both, doing away with the mystique of the process. 

Why not experiment with some tasty pairings at home, too?  

Here, we’ve selected five wines from the Wines We Love range at Centra, handpicked by their expert wine team to make choosing your wine easy. With bottles starting at just €8, they’re great value too! 

Hornhead Sauvignon Blanc – €9

This is a crisp and lush Sauvignon Blanc that has an apple bite and a rich display of citrus fruits.

Usually paired with: Seafood and salad 

We paired with: Guacamole. 

*Top Tip*: Squeeze extra lime into your guac; the acids in the wine and the guac will mingle fantastically

Centra 2

Hornhead Malbec, Anivin De France Gold Medalist – €9

A juicy Malbec, full of dark fruit flavours and a hint of coffee and cocoa. 

Usually paired with: A nice, juicy steak. 

We paired with: Extra dark chocolate, a perfect match for the dark fruit flavours in this Malbec. 

Centra 1
Red Wine Chocolate

San Vitalia Prosecco – €10

A wine with just the right amount of fizz to match a brilliant crisp apple finish. 

Usually paired with: Canapés 

We paired with: Class up your night in with Prosecco and melon wrapped in parma ham – magnifico! 

Centra 5
Melon Ham

Sendas Del Rey Airen – €8

Tropical fruits come to life with peaches and pears on this little delight. Chill for easy drinking! 

Usually paired with: Creamy pasta or pan-fried fish

We paired with: A nice helping of healthy houmous to de-guilt that cheeky glass of wine. 

Centra 4
Centra Hummus

Sendas Del Rey Tempranillo –  €8

Tempranillo makes soft red wines with a red berry and cherry flavour plus a gentle touch of vanilla giving a smooth finish. 

Usually paired with: Grilled meats, pasta and burgers 

We paired with: Sun-dried or slow-roasted tomatoes to double down on that Italian goodness. Antipasti board, perhaps? 

Centra V2

Cheers to that!