VIDEO: Here's An Aerial View Of The Raging Fire In Saggart Yesterday

Dublin Fire Brigade had to tackle multiple blazes

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Dublin Fire Brigade had to battle multiple fires around Dublin yesterday and today due to the high temperatures we're currently experiencing.

The emergency services had to tackle blazes in Swords, Portrane, Barnaslingan, Stepaside and Saggart, some of which are thought to have been caused by BBQs that set dry vegetation alight. Firefighters from Tallaght, Rathfarnham and HQ, as well as a helicopter, were called upon to help douse the raging flames.

To show the extent of ferocity of the fire, Dublin Fire Brigade shared drone footage of the damage that was done to Saggart yesterday.

If you're planning to hold a BBQ during the heatwave, Dublin Fire Brigade advises the following steps:

  • Don't use too much lighter fluid
  • Keep BBQ away from sheds and fences
  • Don't have too many alcoholic drinks
  • No BBQs inside or on balconies
  • Keep water or sand nearby
  • Keep pets and children away from hot BBQs
  • Dispose of ash carefully

Be safe out there, folks.

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