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14th Sep 2023

Can you handle a 661 minute Twilight marathon at this Smithfield cinema?

Katy Thornton

You better hold on tight spider monkey.

It’s no secret that the world went through something quite serious in 2020, and I’m not talking about the pandemic. This was a huge time for the Millennial and Gen Z guys and girlies, as something of a Twilight Renaissance occurred, and suddenly owning a battered copy of every book was no longer a point of shame, but rather a flex.

We took to Netflix in droves to consume the meme-able films once more, horrified by some of the acting choices but enthralled by the cinematography (who else wants to visit Forks) and bopping along to the absolutely cracker soundtrack (if Robert Pattinson could just drop “Let Me Sign” on Spotify it would make so many people happy). While we’re no longer in the mania of the Twilight resurgence, one Smithfield cinema is preparing to kick it off again.

Light House Cinema in Smithfield are hosting a Twilight marathon on November 4th, promising 661 minutes of teenage angst, love triangles (did Jacob ever stand a chance though?), and the campiest of costumes. In one sitting you will experience the awkwardness of Twilight, the moody atmosphere and banging tunes of New Moon, the dramatics of Eclipse, the absolute wildness that is Breaking Dawn Part One, before finishing up with the frankly star-studded conclusion that is Breaking Dawn Part Two.

Interested? Of course you are. Tickets cost €40pp, and they are selling out faster than Edward Cullen can run, so if your dream Saturday is watching every Twilight movie from start to finish, you know what to do. The screening beginning at 12pm is already sold out, but if you’re quick you can nab tickets for the 12:30pm start-time.

Header image via Instagram / Light House Cinema


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