Five Deliciously Filthy Chocolate Treats You Can Get In Dublin Today

From burgers to cocktails

Easter Treat Feat

The day has arrived, and if you haven't created an excel sheet detailing exactly how you plan to squeeze in the maximum amount of chocolate... what's wrong with you? 

It's the one day that no one can judge you for scoffing chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and with that in mind - we've planned out your Easter menu with some of the filthiest treats in town today. 

Brunch - The Nutella Burger at Ruby's Pizza and Grill

We've long been raving about this one, and it's one of our most popular videos on the site. Today's the day my friend. Indulge. 

Lunch - Chocolate and Salted Caramel Brownie at Queen of Tarts

This Dame St café does incredible breakfasts and brunches, although you'd be hard pushed to stick to anything savoury once you see the delish range of cakes, pastries and tarts. Their chocolate and salted caramel brownies will keep you going until dinner. 

Afternoon fix - Hot Chocolate at Brother Hubbard

We featured this on our list of best hot chocolates in Dublin, and for good reason. It's served with a little jug of hot chocolate milk, and a mug of thick rich liquid chocolate which you mix yourself for a completely immersive chocolatey experience. 

Hot Chocolate

Dinner - The Dessert sharing plate at Fire Restaurant and Lounge

Today is not a day for choices. Today, we choose to try everything. Head to Fire for this scrumptious dessert sharing plate and have a little bit of everything. 

Cocktails - The Easter Egg Martini at The Marker Hotel

Coffee infused whiskey, chocolate & egg liqueur, orange juice and fresh cream. The perfect finisher before you roll yourself home. 

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