LEON withdraw from the Irish market closing all three restaurants

By Katy Thornton

July 18, 2022 at 10:05am


"We hope that we can stay in touch and that you will still follow our journey as we prove that fast food CAN be good food."


Last month LEON took to Instagram to share with their 5,000+ followers that they would be withdrawing from the Irish market. The self proclaimed naturally fast food spot, who focus on bringing good nutritious food to the masses, ultimately couldn't recover from the effects of the pandemic and lockdowns. In their candid post explaining their closure, Leon said, "Challenging trading conditions have meant a slow road to return, which has become too much for our business and for our teams." As such, they shut their doors in early June.

While LEON is leaving the Irish Market, they hope to continue their good work in their UK stores. In their Instagram announcement they said:


"We are still committed to growing LEON and encouraging more people to eat well and live well. Our Naturally Fast Food may have slowed down in Ireland, but we are still growing rapidly across the UK."

LEON had three Irish stores in Dublin, in Temple Bar, Liffey Valley, and Millennium Walkway. They have tons of restaurants in the UK, as well as three in the Netherlands, in Utrecht, Rotterdam, and Honswijck.

I think I speak for everyone when I say their vegan cheezy fries, baked macaroni curls, and burgers will certainly be missed.

Header image via Instagram/leonirel


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