Poulet Bonne Femme to close on Suffolk Street as 'a temporary measure'

By Katy Thornton

September 19, 2022 at 10:55am


Due to a "severe staff shortage."


The hospitality staff shortages continue, as another Dublin business is forced to close temporarily. Poulet Bonne Femme, which has five other stores, have been forced to shut their Suffolk Street branch because of their "severe staff shortage". In a candid Instagram post, they detailed how hard they've found it:

"We have looked high… and we have looked low… and unfortunately we are experiencing a severe staff shortage. As a consequence we have to temporarily close our store here in Suffolk Street. BUT it is a temporary measure and we are working very hard to reopen in the next few days."

Poulet Bonne Femme go on to say that in their 12 years in business they have never had to close for even a day, but that unfortunately they've "run out of luck". The rotisserie promise to reopen as soon as they can, and appealed for job applications too.


Poulet Bonne Femme are not the only business who have been forced to close due to staff issues. Just last week, Just Chubbys, a taco food truck associated with 147 Deli, posted a very similar closure announcement, citing it as being due to a "chronic lack of staff." Other businesses have combated staff shortages by only opening certain days.

Header image via Instagram/pouletbonnefemme 

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