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17th Jul 2017

10 Things You Have To Do After Work In Dublin This Week While The Sun Is Shining

Alana Laverty

Evenings are gone in the blink of an eye these days – which is weird since it stays brighter so much later. 

But it seems by the time you commute home, make dinner, shower, hit the gym, make lunch for tomorrow and sort out all your other bits and bobs – it’s time to hit the hay. 

Which is just such a waste. 

But that’s all about to change this week – as it’s meant to be on of the hottest weeks of the summer, so you HAVE to make the most of it. 

Choose one, or two, of the following to do every single evening after work this week and thank us later. 

Carpe diem. Seize the… evening. 

1. Enjoy a glass of beaut vino in the sun

Wine not? 

A dreamy evening if ever there was one. 

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2. Bag ‘o’ cans at The Barge 

It’s not summer ’til you’ve cracked open a frosty (or lukewarm) one at The Barge. 

But remember to clean up after yourself g’man. 

3. Cycle through Phoenix Park 

Something so simple, but so enjoyable. 

And you’ll get in your daily dose of exercise too. 

4. Have a BBQ

You just can’t go wrong with a good barbie. 

Grab a load of veggies and meat, fire up the grill (or disposable BBQ) and get cookin’, good lookin’. 

5. Cycle / walk / run the Grand Canal or Royal Canal 

The grass is always greener on the other side, eh?

Go out there and get your bit. 

6. Go for an evening kayak 

An evening well spent on The Liffey with the guys from City Kayaking

Make this week the week you make the plunge. 

7. Go for a picnic in your park of choice 

Pack your own or have Deliveroo or Just Eat deliver you one from your fave restaurant. 

Saves the washing up anyways. 

Go live your best life. 

Img 9431

8. Hit up Howth 

Grab some fish ‘n’ chips and enjoy them on the pier. 

It’s the lil things in life that are the most special, amirite?

9. Devour a half price hot dog 

Summer is hot dog time – find out where you can get a slightly cheaper, and super dirty one here: Here’s Where You Can Get Half-Price Hot Dogs This Week

Wash it down with a pint and Bob’s your uncle. 

10. Jump off the Forty Foot

Nothing wipes away a bad day at work like plunging into icy waters at the Forty Foot. It makes you feel alive

Don’t worry – be happy. 

GTFO of the office luv. 

Header image: @allexphotography@didielle90

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