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20th Mar 2018

The Reopening Of This Highly-Anticipated Dublin Establishment May Be In Trouble

Darragh Berry

We were rejoicing as a county when it was made known that the Clontarf Baths would reopen in February of this year.

(Here’s what it looks like after its €2million, 22-year makeover by the way)

The 132-year-old baths, however, could be breaking the conditions of its planning permission according to The Irish Times

Their failure to open the outdoor seawater pool two weeks ago when they opened a 250-seat restaurant and bar at the Clontarf seafront site means Dublin City Council are currently investigating whether terms of planning permission could have been broken.

The publication understands that the building may now be an “unauthorised development” according to a spokeswoman for the council.

If the building is found to be breaching its planning permission conditions, the council could order for the restaurant and bar to be closed until the baths were opened.

The operations director of the facility, Rita Barcoe, said previously that they were unable to secure insurance for the pool and that it would be difficult to keep running but that they hoped to have it opened by the end of April. 

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