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20th Mar 2018

This Shop Closing On The Northside Has Left Hundreds Furious

Darragh Berry

One of Ireland’s biggest wedding shops has closed its door leaving 200 brides without bridesmaid dresses coming up to their big day. 

Wedding World in Marino in Dublin closed quickly and without warning and a recorded message on their phone line states that they have “ceased trading”. 

has closed suddenly leaving up to 200 brides without bridesmaid dresses for their big day.

It goes on to say that “all standing orders will be processed by the Dessy group” before giving customers a UK based number.

Michelle O’Neill, from the Dessy Group, spoke to Joe Duffy on RTÉ’s Liveline, said she and her company only became aware of the closure on Thursday only to find that Wedding World would close the following weekend. 

She said her group is owed “a lot of money” from 2017 and that over 130 women have put in orders and paid Wedding World but which Dessy has not received nor been paid for.

As well as this, she believes that there may be as many as 200 women who have put in orders with the company and who are waiting for those orders to be processed.

On average, women pay a 50% deposit on these dresses before they even collect them. 

Dessy – the sole supplier of dresses to Wedding World – are currently trying to field as many phone calls for brides getting married in April and May so that they can sort out the nearest weddings first. 

Although they are trying to fulfill all orders, the group is telling customers that if they want to start the process of getting a refund, they must contact their credit card company. 

They also stated that “anyone who has paid Wedding World in full, but has not had their order passed on, will likely be left without dresses unless they want to make a fresh order with Dessy.”

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