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11th Aug 2021

Highlights from Kellie Harrington’s homecoming yesterday

Fiona Frawley

Seeing Kellie Harrington’s close-knit community come together to celebrate her homecoming couldn’t have been more perfectly timed and more necessary, lifting the spirits of the nation!

As is clear from every interview she’s given, you couldn’t find a person more deserving of a heroes welcome. At every opportunity she’s advocated for more funding for local sports clubs in her community and beyond, is humble to the end and seems genuinely surprised that anyone stayed up to watch the fight, never mind filling the streets of Dublin City to welcome her home.

Get ready for some uplifting content! We’ve rounded up some of the highlights of her homecoming yesterday from Twitter! Did you catch a glimpse of Kellie’s homecoming to Portland Row?

A deserving winner, and an incredible representative for Ireland. Hon Kellie!

Lead Image via Shutterstock and Instagram/Team_Olympic_Ireland

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