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24th Apr 2018

There’s Only One Place In Dublin To Watch Liverpool’s Champions League Game Tonight

Darragh Berry

If you’re a Liverpool fan, you’ve probably been waiting for this day since ye put goals galore past Manchester City. 

The return to the big European stage has been a delight for Scouse fans this season as Salah, Mane and co have lit up the tournament and now find themselves in a Semi-Final and two matches away from their first Champions League final in over a decade. 

There’s nothing better than the atmosphere at a football match but what about when that atmosphere is put into a club environment?

Well, the people at Hangar are doing just that and have turned their warehouse into a massive Fanzone for all of you die hard Liverpool fans.

You can watch – not only the first leg of the tie against Roma but the second leg on 2nd May in here. 

The Fanzone kicks off at 6pm with free drink and food there on arrival. The second-leg match will see an appearance from Liverpool and Irish legend Jason McAteer at Hanger who will be there for a meet and greet.

To be honest, if you can’t make it to Anfield or Italy for either of the games, this is a very close second. 

You can find tickets here and you can find more information on their Facebook page here.

This comes just a day after a Liverpool friendly in Ireland over the summer was announced.

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