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09th Mar 2021

Proposal for protective measures that could “alter the appearance” of the iconic Poolbeg Chimneys

James Fenton

Dublin City Council has suggested that the Poolbeg Chimneys could be encased in “concrete or fibreglass casing” in order to protect them from structural issues.

The iconic Poolbeg Chimneys have been a staple of Dublin’s skyline since being completed in 1971 but concerns have been raised over their deterioration. In 2015, steel caps were placed on top of each chimney in order to prevent rain from entering but the new proposal could change how we view the towers from the ground.

Dublin City Council have now said that there may be “a need for the structures to be encased in a new concrete or fibreglass casing that are likely to alter the appearance and integrity of the structures as originally designed.”

Green Party Councillor Claire Byrne has called on DCC to add the chimneys to the Record of Protected structures but the ESB is concerned that doing so “will not provide any additional security to that provided under the maintenance programme, and may actively impede any ongoing structural interventions or necessary external cladding in the future.”

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