Showery And Cloudy - Here's Today's Wet Weather Forecast

Oh more rain, how original...

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This Winter we've really come to expect the worst weather.

Last week it was grand when it was lashing rain because we were plonked on the couch, watching Making A Murderer, tucking into yet another tin of Roses. This week, however, It's a bit rough when you actually have to leave your gaff and go face your responsibilities!

According to Met Éireann the weather will be rainy for the majority of today but it will remain mild, and changeable for the rest of the week.

Today will be mostly cloudy and showery. Some of the showers are likely to be heavy and may be prolonged at times also. Moderate, variable winds will become mainly northeast to north as the day goes on, freshening occasionally near the coast. Highest temperatures 7 to 9 degrees Celsius.

Met Éireann website

As if being back to work wasn't already tough enough...

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Fíodhna Horan Murphy

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