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17th Sep 2018

PICS: This Hidden Dublin Speakeasy Is Just Waiting To Be Discovered

Alana Laverty

*Spoiler alert*

We’re head over heels in love with this place…

We’re rarely left speechless by dining experiences in Dublin, thankfully, as we then have to write about them for a living.

But THIS definitely tops them all and we’ve struggled for a week now to muster up words to accurately and justifiably tell you all about Dublin’s latest hidden gem.

The Little Pig is the latest venture from the folks behind Suffolk Street’s beautiful, underground Blind Pig speakeasy – Michael Martin & Co.

It takes up the floor above Pacinos restaurant and is all luxurious red velvet walls, polished bronze roofing, navy velvet seating, white table tops, dimmed lighting and tassled lamps…

The Little Pig
Little Pig Photos

It’s pure mysterious, intriguing, elegant, old-school class that brings you back to another era.

Every element of the tiny top floor has been meticulously thought out by them team and we’re utterly obsessed.

The cocktail menus, for example, are filled with beautiful hand-drawn sketches of their drinks.

Img 2395

And inside the menu, they share the story behind speakeasies and the legend of the Blind Pig…

Screen Shot 2017 09 20 At 16 57 54

The first thing you see upon entering The Little Pig, is its bar.

Rows and rows of gleaming, carefully-selected, high-quality spirits and liquors from all ends of the earth – even our favourite Brooklyn Gin has a prime spot on the shelf.

With bartending royalty, Paul Lambert, gracing the bar – you just know that the drinks are gonna be good.

We opted for a perfectly-served Brooklyn Gin martini and an Old Fashioned.

The cocktails were exactly what we need after a long day but unfortunately, I hadn’t the balls or stamina to try the Absinthe Fountain at the time – but it’s on my to-do list for my next visit, because it looks absolutely stunning.

Img 2394
Screen Shot 2017 09 20 At 17 00 58
Screen Shot 2017 09 20 At 17 01 15

As for food, if you’ve ever eaten in Pacinos or The Blind Pig – you’ll know that they serve top class Italian grub.

And The Little Pig dishes out nothing less, but in a totally different and refreshing way.

To start, we opted for some oysters to kick things off.

Img 2411
Img 2412

They were so fresh, juicy and chilled served with a lemon and spicy mignonette.

Next up was the best gnocchi I’ve ever tasted in my life, served in a gorge little teacup. The handmade baby Italian dumplings just melted in the mouth with their Castlemagno cheese, tomato and spinach sauce. So tasty.

I’ll be dreaming ’bout them for years to come.

Img 2414

For mains, the masterpiece was unveiled in the form of Mullaghmore lobster spaghetti.

Homemade spaghetti spun around generous chunks of fresh, meaty and tender Mullaghmore lobster in a rich cherry tomato sauce.

Lobster Spag 2
Img 2418

And last, but most certainly not least, dessert.

We were absolutely stuffed at this stage… but ordered dessert as one last hurrah anyways.

And we could never have anticipated what was to come.

A lavender and coconut panna cotta and a popcorn tiramisu were slid onto the table by friendly Little Pig staff, and we dove in head first.

Img 2424
Img 2425

If I could eat that lavender panna cotta before bed every night, I’d have the deepest of slumbers night after night.

Dreamy. Literally.

And the popcorn tiramisu really would make a great breakfast too.

I’m not a huge dessert person – but these were the flawless finale to one of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had in Dublin.

Little Pig

Back to where it all began…

We wanted to save a little slice of the best for last – so here’s where the intrigue kicks in, even further.

The Little Pig’s entrance really steals the show… however, we don’t want to spoil everything for you – so you’ll just have to go and discover it for yourselves.

We promise – it won’t disappoint.

Little Pig 2

PS, Keep your eyes peeled for the bathroom floors – they prove that the boom really is back:

Screen Shot 2017 09 20 At 17 50 27
Img 2406

Discovering this beautiful and tiny Dublin speakeasy was the best thing to ever happen to us… and now it’s time to go discover it for yourself.

Until next time Little Pig…

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