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13th Sep 2018

The Late Late Lineup For Friday Night Is A Star-Studded Irish One Featuring Four Of The Country’s Finest

Darragh Berry

Don’t fancy stirring on Friday night? No problem because The Late Late lineup is very decent in fairness.

Tubridy has packed his show full of Irish stars.

Writer Stefanie Preissner, actor John Connors and footballer Philly McMahon will join host Ryan Tubridy to chat about everything from the horror of the housing and rental markets and the uncertainty of the gig economy to the rise in anxiety and the impact of social media culture.

They’ll be discussing what’s troubling a generation emerging from a decade of austerity to find that the recovery may not be all that it seems.

When comedian Pat Shortt went searching through his family history for his episode of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, little did he know that he would find himself uncovering a suspected murderer in the family and more besides. He joins Ryan to chat about a very emotional trip into his family’s past.

As thousands prepare to attend this year’s National Ploughing Championships, they’ll be looking at three different aspects of modern Irish farming including the teenage girls preparing to raise their own calves.

Ailbhe Griffith was the victim of a violent sexual assault in 2005. Almost a decade later she met the man convicted of attacking her as she sought closure on questions that preyed on her mind ever since the attack.

That extraordinary meeting is now the subject of a new film, The Meeting, in which Ailbhe plays herself. She will share her story on Friday night and tell viewers why confronting her attacker directly has helped her to heal.

Ryan will be meeting some of the people featured in the new behind the scenes documentary at The Rotunda including a mum on the surprising reactions she gets when people find out she has ten children; and one of the handful of male midwives working in Ireland today. He’ll also be chatting with Laura Molloy who recently made a documentary about discovering she was pregnant just three weeks before her due date.

And he will be chatting to Irish singer-songwriter RuthAnne about forging her own singing career having previously co-written hits like Britney Spears’ Work Bitch, JoJo’s Too Little Too Late and Niall Horan’s Slow Hands – absolute tunes.

There will also be music from The Irish Tenors.

The Late Late Show is on Friday, September 14th at 9.35pm

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