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15th Apr 2020

Michael D’s birthday is coming up and Drink&Draw want you to paint him a picture

Sarah Finnan

Michael D's birthday

Help Michael D celebrate his birthday, by immortalising him through your artwork.

Drink&Draw is running a special competition in honour of Miggeldy Higgins’ birthday this year – and they need your help.

Go on…

The guys at Drink&Draw are asking people to put forth their best likenesses of President Higgins, inviting people to use their skills and create birthday masterpiece for Miggeldy.

The competition is open to kids of all ages (including big kids… we’re all bored, we get it) and there are prizes for winning entries in each of the categories, those being – best painting, best pencil drawing and most creative kids.

Have a read of the nitty-gritty details below:

“To celebrate our president’s birthday on the 18th of April, we are launching an online competition to paint a portrait of Michael D. We’re inviting everyone to draw a picture of Michael D Higgins.

We also have over €200 worth of prizes for the winners and guest judges for each of the three categories.”

The competition opened on the 7th of April and runs until the 17th of April – the day before the President’s birthday. And of course, it’s completely free to enter so give it a shot – you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain (that being a possible shoutout from the man himself? No guarantees but a gal can dream.)

And in case you needed further proof that Michael D is a national treasure and must be protected at all costs, just look at this photo of him and Brod out for their daily walk.

What a man.

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