My Chemical Romance spotted in Workman's ahead of Kilmainham gig

By Fiona Frawley

May 25, 2022 at 10:23am


Reports say Gerard Way was asked for a rollie by an NCAD student in the beer garden.

Last night, former wee emos and Central Bank dwellers donned their finest Asha attire once more and took to Kilmainham, where My Chemical Romance came together for one of their first performances since parting ways back in 2013.

They debuted their new 6-minute single, teased an album but the night before the gig, the Black Parade reportedly took them down the quays to Workman's, of all places.

This picture of Gerard Way and Ray Toro posing at the bar in Workman's is doing the rounds, and Irish Twitter is, as you'd imagine, combusting.


Prior to the show, Workman's were hard at work carving a niche for themselves as *the* place to go after the gig, with "00's Emo Anthem" after parties scheduled for both nights.


Maybe Gerard & co got wind of this and decided to pop the heads in for a quick bop and three Sol for a tenner, who can say for sure. Either way, the buzz from Irish MCR stans is palpable this morning. What a time to be alive.

Any guesses as to where they'll head to after tonight's gig?

Header image via Instagram/alanananabatman

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