'Relentlessly peppy' airport worker goes viral for keeping security queue entertained

By Fiona Frawley

January 10, 2023 at 12:13pm


We all need a laugh in those 5am security queues.

Dublin Airport security worker Dermot has gone viral for singing, dancing and doing pretty much anything he can to keep early morning travellers in good spirits.

In a recent tweet user Colm Kelleher, fresh off a jaunt through the airport spoke of a mystery "showman" security worker, basking in the limelight of keeping the crowds entertained.

Colm wrote:

There is a man working at @DublinAirport security who is a showman. Cheerfully calls out hello to folks while running the crew. Refers to children as “bambinos”. Asks about their colourful plastic bottles. Relentlessly peppy at 5am. Basks in the limelight. 10/10.


Dublin Airport, obviously well aware of the "showman" being referred to responded with a video of Dermot hard at work, welcoming crowds and belting out Is This The Way To Amarillo to beat the band.

Admittedly, some looked less than impressed - namely the woman directly behind Dermot lugging two giant pulley cases as he attempted to start a conga line. She lightened however, when he pulled back the security divider to allow her to pass through in a more timely manner. Dermot knows the way to everyone's heart, evidently.

Have you passed through the airport recently, and been serenaded by a particularly perky Dermot? Let us know. We'd love to hear more about Dublin Airport's security showman™.


Header image via Twitter/DublinAirport

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