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01st Dec 2021

STOP EVERYTHING – Selling Sunset stars Mary and Romain will be in Dublin today

Fiona Frawley

If you’ve already fervently ploughed your way through Season 4 of the show, this should come as welcome news.

If you follow all of the Selling Sunset gals on Insta like myself, you’ve probably seen Mary and Romain have been in London for the last couple of days, appearing on the Lorraine show and having Prosecco while Romain compliments Mary’s teeth (goals, etc). Well gals, it would appear that they’ve decided to book a jaunt over to Dublin. They might as well, while they’re in the area like.


In the Insta story, Mary says that they had planned to travel back to the States today but instead have decided to stop off in Dublin. We thought we’d scared her off by constantly asking whether she was from Ireland with a name like Mary Fitzgerald (it’s her ex husbands surname and she doesn’t want to talk about it), but apparently not! They’ve asked for recs on where to eat, what to do, and Romain’s confirmed he’s got the Guinness Storehouse on his list. Or the Guinness Factory, as he called it. We’ll set him straight though.

Will you be out and about hoping to catch a glimpse of them around town? We’ll be glued to their stories, hoping to catch a peek of where they head out to.

Header image via Instagram/themaryfitzgerald

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