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30th Nov 2021

Dexter actor Michael C. Hall is in a synth band, and they’re coming to Workman’s next month

Fiona Frawley

There’s a sentence I never thought I’d type.

In all my years of watching the show, I thought Dexter’s undercover alias was that of the Bay Harbour Butcher. But au contraire, he actually has a far deeper, darker secret.

He’s the frontman of an indie band, along with Matt Katz-Bohen from Blondie on the keyboard. They’re called Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum, so called after an idea that Katz-Bohen’s four-year-old daughter had for her imaginary band. Obviously.

Have a goo at the video for their song Nevertheless, “a homage to 80’s style synth pop with a video influenced by Ah-ha’s ‘Take on Me’ and Dire Straits ‘Money For Nothin’” below. Clear Bowie influences, and definitely something that’d be right at home on the Skins season 1 soundtrack (this is the highest possible praise from me by the way, I learned everything I know about music from that soundtrack and I’ve no issue admitting it). See also: their song Ketamine. Equally suitable for obvious reasons.

I personally have not been able to look away from this fever dream since lunchtime, and am extremely intrigued by the concept of catching these guys live.

If you feel the same, Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum will be playing their debut Irish show at Workman’s Club on December 8th. Nab yourself a ticket HERE.

Header image via Selective Memory 

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