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04th Jan 2021

‘Such utter legends’ – Amy Huberman shares lovely message to hospital staff

Sarah Finnan

Amy Huberman

Amy Huberman and Brian O’Driscoll welcomed a new member of the family just after Christmas with BOD announcing that Ted O’Driscoll arrived on December 28th. 

One of 2020’s saving graces, Brian confirmed that the whole family is delighted – adding that Ted’s siblings are “thrilled at having a new little bro”.

Later sharing her own social media post, Amy had nothing but good things to say about National Maternity Hospital staff, writing that she’s “always emosh” at leaving.

“A womb with a view. I mean I just really wanted to use that pun at a window on my way out of the hospital.

“Always emosh leaving there and I always want to be a midwife when I leave because they are such utter legends but then I suddenly feel v tired and lie down and go for a kip instead.

“Also when is someone going to invent Eau de Newborn Baby Head?! I’d like to do a slow mo perfume ad for that; running through the grass of Merrion Square unable to keep my eyes open. But like, in a moody perfume ad way.”

Header image via Instagram/Amy Huberman 

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