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05th Jan 2021

The Wilds is the best new show that no one is talking about

Rory Cashin

We need you all to watch it so then we can all talk about it at length!

Between the bad weather and the extended lockdown, we’re all in need of new sources of distraction and entertainment. Chances are by now you’ve finished Bridgerton and The Queen’s Gambit and The Crown and you’re on the hunt for something new to fill a few hours for a few evenings.

To that end, may we present to you The Wilds, a fantastic new drama-mystery-thriller that quite simply not enough of you have been watching!

So what is the show all about? It tells the story of a group of teen girls from vastly different backgrounds, who must fight for survival after a plane crash strands them all on a deserted island. The new castaways clash and bond across their time on the island as they spend more time with each other, learn each other’s deepest, darkest secrets… but the biggest secret is that the girls did not end up on this island by accident.

The show premiered in mid-December and a second season has already been confirmed to be on the way, which is great news, because you’ll definitely want this story to continue once you get to the end of the ten episodes of this first season.

The show also racked up an impressive score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, with glowing reviews like these:

Entertainment Weekly – “Of course, the girls aren’t there by accident — and each episode of The Wilds balances this mystery with woman-vs.-nature drama and flashbacks to the castaways’ pre-crash life. Remarkably, both story tracks remain consistently engrossing throughout all 10 episodes, as the writers skillfully weave urgent island dilemmas with each character’s personal challenges.”

Chicago Sun Times – “This is one strange and compelling and provocative and deeply involving impromptu sleepover.”

Vanity Fair – “The show’s earnest charge is a nice change of pace from the bleak, empty cynicism and snark that so often infuse contemporary young adult-aimed TV series. The Wilds has slyer elements as well, particularly a canny critique of hashtag-girlboss corporate feminism that unfolds throughout the season’s second half. It helps, too, that the show looks great. … Even better, The Wilds is the rare streaming series that earns its length.”

Collider – “Come for the mysteries, stay for the raw emotional catharsis of watching these girls scream. The Wilds is a hell of a ride, and the only downside is that in these uncertain times of production, a second season isn’t necessarily guaranteed. And that would be quite a shame, because not only does the final episode of this season leave us with plenty of questions to be answered, but by that point, we’ve gotten to know these girls so well, we genuinely care what happens to them next.”

All of the first season of The Wilds is available to watch on Prime Video right now.

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