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15th Jul 2021

There are five new movies arriving in Irish cinemas this weekend

Rory Cashin

One of them is a movie fans have been waiting 25 years for!

A big blockbuster sequel, two new horrors, and two indie releases.

LOADS to choose from this week!


It has somehow been 25 years since Michael Jordan starred in the original Space Jam, but this time we see LeBron James and his young son trapped in a digital realm by some rogue A.I., and the only way to escape is to team up with Bugs, Lola and the toon gang in order to defeat the bad guys on the court.

Space Jam: A New Legacy arrives in Irish cinemas on Friday, 16 July.


The fifth (and reportedly final) outing in The Purge franchise will see America turn the “one night of legalised crime” into an endless parade of murder and violence. A small group of people team up in order to try to escape across the Mexican border, but everywhere they turn, they face a new group of Purgers not willing to give the night up.

The Forever Purge will arrive in Irish cinemas on Friday, 16 July.


2019’s surprise hit Escape Room ($155 million from a $9 budget) has received a sequel, not dissimilar to how the first Hunger Games sequel worked out. Remember the Quarter Quell in that movie, with previous winners all pitted against each other? Pretty much that, except in a series of increasingly grizzly and murderous escape rooms.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions hits the big screens in Ireland on Friday, 16 July.


Two retired women have been secretly in love with each other for decades, a secret kept even to their own families. However, following an unforeseen event, the daughter of one of the women begins to unravel her mother’s secret life and the true depths of their relationship.

Two Of Us will be available in select cinemas around Ireland from Friday, 16 July.


Oscar-winner Jean Dujardin (The Artist) stars as a man who… there is no other way to put this… he just really loves his new jacket. At the expense of a functioning relationship with his wife, he abandons the life he knew to begin making a film about how fantastic his new jacket is. Yes, that sounds bonkers, and it is, but it is also very funny, in an extremely dark way.

Deerskin will be available in select cinemas around Ireland from Friday, 16 July.

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