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30th Mar 2020

This website lets you play Cards Against Humanity online with your friends

Sarah Finnan

Cards Against Humanity online

Bring your video call to the next level with a virtual round of Cards Against Humanity.

Video calls have seen a huge surge in popularity over the past few weeks as people look to new and inventive ways of keeping in touch. Turning to apps such as Zoom and House Party, the trend has seen people call up their pals for a daily debrief of life in quarantine.

Keen to keep their social lives afloat amid lockdown, people have been seeking out fun activities to pass the time with the Playing Cards website topping the list for many.

An online gaming website, it allows users to create a room and invite friends to play some of their favourite games – with everything from Checkers to Crazy Eights, Go Fish and Match Up.

Not to mention the cult classic drinking game, Cards Against Humanity. Working the same way as the in-real-life game, players will be able to see both their own white cards along with the chosen black card once everyone has been invited and entered the room.

The weekend may not really feel like the weekend anymore, but you can still have your post-work glass of vino with the gang. We predict that Friday night video chats are about to get a whole lot more interesting.

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