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10th Mar 2021

WATCH: A lovely short film about how much Irish people love going to the cinema

Rory Cashin

A quick two-minute reminder of how much we absolutely love going to the big screen.

We’re coming up on the one year anniversary since cinemas have been properly open.

Sure, we’ve had moments of big screen respite in there, during the summer when Tenet came out, and again in December when Wonder Woman 1984 was the big release, but for the majority of the last twelve months, cinemas have been completely closed.

While we look forward to the day when we can enjoy a great story play on the biggest, loudest screen possible, the folks at Access Cinema have released this short film, which serves as a bit of a love letter to cinemas from Irish viewers.

The point of the film is to call attention to Access Cinema’s vital work in supporting film clubs, community cinemas and arts centres, which bring cinema from every corner of the world to audiences all across Ireland to enjoy and experience in their own communities.

The campaign is asking for people to visit, where they have the opportunity to make a donation, which will help Access Cinema to continue this work and advance its goal to share the gift of cinema with as many people as possible across Ireland.

Check out the short film right here:

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