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05th Nov 2021

WATCH: Kristen Stewart discusses playing Princess Diana in new biopic Spencer

Rory Cashin

The Oscar-favourited drama arrives in Irish cinemas this weekend.

Possibly because of Netflix’s hit drama The Crown, or maybe just because the royal family is like an expensive version of reality TV drama, but anything to do with that subject is always going to get our attention.

So when it was announced that Kristen Stewart was going to be portraying Princess Diana in a new biopic drama, then that movie immediately got our attention.

And now that Spencer is finally here, all the talk is about how Stewart could potentially be looking at some Oscar success!

In the run-up to the movie’s release, our pals at JOE chatted to Kristen Stewart about playing Diana, the odd similarities to Bella Swan from Twilight, and loads more.

Check out the full interview right here:

Meanwhile, you can check out Spencer in Irish cinemas, as it is released in Irish cinemas from Friday, 5 November.

Check out the full trailer right here:

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